Your Zinter Pro II requires some configuration to be able to connect to the WiFI network.

Switch on your Zinter Pro

Scan for wifi networks on your pc/mac – you should find an access point called “Duet” - disconnect from your Normal network and connect to the Duet HotSpot

Open a web browser and navigate to to connect to the Printers webinterface

Find your Normal WIFI network on the list, select it and enter the password for that network

If desired, change the name of the printer (You can connect using this name later)

Submit the data.

You should get an “All Done” response

On the printers touchscreen control panel enter the console keyboard and type “M552 S0” Press Enter.

Now Type “M552 S1” to stop and start the WIFI

Then type “M552” to display the IP address of the printer.

You can now use this IP Address or the name you chose earlier http://myprinter in your browser to connect to the printer